Medical-Legal Consulting

Our Legal Nurse Consultants assist the client by analyzing and translating important information from the medical record relevant to the specific nursing and medical issues that have a direct bearing on the case. Our services will enable you to have more time to concentrate on the legal issues while we focus the medically related aspects of your case.

  • Attend independent medical examinations, depositions, trials, arbitrations and mediations.
  • Litigation support: Assist with discovery, interrogatories, depositions, etc.
  • Review and interpret relevant medical records, hospital policies and procedures, and other documents.
  • Prepare chronologies of the significant medical events involved in the case.
  • Screen medical malpractice cases for merit.
  • Identify issues of tampering and missing documents of the medical record.
  • Identify and define the deviations from, and adherences to the applicable Standards of Care and Clinical Guidelines.
  • Develop a brief or comprehensive report interpretation of key case issues.
  • Research, summarize and translate medical and nursing literature relevant to the time period of a case and integrate into case analysis.
  • Analyze and summarize depositions and past testimony.
  • Organize medical records for quick reference.

Case Management

Our Case Managers support the Workers’ Compensation injured worker, non workers’ compensation injured patients or people with chronic healthcare needs by coordinating and facilitating authorized services. They support all healthcare needs to advocate optimal recovery outcome with the goal to bring the person back to pre-injury status or to become as independent as possible. Primarily, the Case Manager oversees the person’s life as they recover and maneuver through the healthcare system by collaborating with all healthcare providers, insurance companies and attorneys.



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